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Dildo Stan - Bad-Dragon 


Here. He. Comes. Stan is sure to fulfill your deepest desires, with mind-blowing girth and a towering, statuesque shape about him. He truly isn’t able to be contained, and your pleasure won’t be either.

With its defined musculature, detailed veining, deep curve and blunt head, this powerful creature will fill you up and always leave you wanting more. Once he inches his way deep inside you, there’s no holding back. He’s got you in his grasp and with every thrust, you’ll climb closer until you reach your peak.

Don’t let Stan escape—add a suction cup for even more fun trying to tame the beast.


DildoReview - Bad Dragon Toy's - Dildo Stan XL & Cum Lube
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Bad Dragon - Stan XL- Dildo
Bad Dragon - #CumLube

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